18-year old boxing phenom Damien ‘Sugar’ Vasquez now a promotional free agent

18-year old Damien ‘Sugar’ Vasquez is now a promotional free agent (Photo: Chris Robinson)

Damien Sugar

By Chris Robinson

At Hustle Boss we have had the pleasure of covering the career of young Damien “Sugar” Vasquez over the past few years, dating back to even before his pro debut when he was still 16 years old

Now 7-0 with 3 knockouts as a professional, and having won the NABF junior flyweight title in his sixth bout, there are several big changes taking place within Vasquez’s career.

Hustle Boss was notified recently that Vasquez is now a promotional free agent as he pushes forward towards the next phase of his career. Vasquez is being trained by decorated trainer Ismael Salas and he will surely be an attractive commodity to anyone looking to add to their roster.

Check the video below for the full story on Vasquez’s free agency, including insight from his father Oscar.

Chris Robinson can be reached at CRobinson@hustleboss.com

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