5-year Old Money Prince Duarte continuing his growth in the boxing world out of Las Vegas

Money Prince Duarte works with Roger Mayweather below, inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club

By Chris Robinson

When I first spotted young Money Prince Duarte out here in Las Vegas a few years ago I was instantly taken aback.

Then just three years old at the time, it was easy to tell that the young kid was a natural as he pounded on the heavy bag at the Mayweather Boxing Club. That same day I also broke bread with Prince’s driving force, his father Marcel, and so too was a seed planted.

I covered Prince quite often in the coming months since meeting him and knew instantly that he would also be a fighter I would be covering years and years down the road in the professional and championship ranks.

And while the past few years have seemed to fly by, as is often the case in life, Hustle Boss has been keeping a close eye on Money Prince, and it’s very eye-opening to see his progression up to this point.

Now five years old, it almost seems as if Prince has become another person in the short time since our initial encounter. He’s improved and matured that much.

He has grown several inches and shaken off all of the extra baby weight he had. He is now truly training and living like an athlete, despite still being so young.

Prince’s intense mitt sessions with Roger Mayweather are beginning to pay off and you can also spot some definite swagger in his approach to training.

Nearby training at the Pound 4 Pound Boxing Gym is also proving to be tremendously beneficial, as Prince is getting great work on his fundamentals with coach Rich Barrientes. So too has Prince connected with other members of the gym, including the Barientes twins Chavez and Angel, as well as Floyd “Cash Flow” Diaz.

A quick look at Prince’s Instagram Page will show all of his latest excursions and he definitely keeps it moving. Typical updates include spirited training with his father Marcel, close times with his family from the Pound 4 Pound Boxing Gym, training with Uncle Roger, some quick visits to California, studio sessions on his upcoming album, and much more.

Prince also just signed an exclusive contract with Real Water and is also sponsored by Odd Sox and Chop Chop Corley Sports. Outside of the ring, Prince just finished up his first single “Vegas Kid” and is looking towards attending the Kid’s Choice Awards this year.

It’s been a fun ride so far and with so much going on in Prince’s young career, we decided to catch up with Marcel to get his take on everything that has been going on. Check below for more from Marcel, with his quotes connected to more images of Prince, as well as more video and photos updates.

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