Conor McGregor sets his sights on the lightweight division

Conor McGregor is one of sport’s most talked about figures (Photo: Instagram)

Conor MC

By Kyle Hutchison

A little under three years ago, I was sitting on my porch with my buddy Kevin. While watching UFC highlights on my laptop, He told me to look up “this dude Conor McGregor, he’s this crazy Irish dude who throws ridiculous kicks.” That crazy Irishman will be fighting for the lightweight title on March 5. McGregor’s unprecedented rise to the top of the UFC comes from his outlandish trash talk and his uncanny ability to back it up.

McGregor’s trash talk is legendary. The only other UFC fighters who are even on the same level are Chael Sonnen and Brock Lesnar. He utilizes that trash talk to propel himself into larger fights and draw larger crowds. He is his own perfect PR guy. You can see one of his best moments when he verbally attacks every UFC fighter at a press conference. But, trash talk is nothing unless you can back it up, and McGregor has fulfilled every one of his promises so far.

As good as Mcgregor’s ability to talk is, his fighting is even better. In 21 career matches (19-2), Mcgregor has only gone to decision one time. It was Max Holloway, who has won eight straight fights since then. Mcgregor has knocked out UFC veterans such a Chad Mendes, Dennis Siver, Diego Brandao and Dustin Poirier. His most famous of course was the 13 second-knock out of former bantamweight champion Jose Aldo. If you haven’t watched it you should go check it out since it’s so short.

After obtaining the bantamweight title, McGregor has set his sights on the lightweight division. And, boy did Dana White deliver for his first fight. McGregor will fight lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos in a much-anticipated matchup. McGregor’s instant title fight in a new division is unprecedented in UFC history.

If McGregor beats Dos Anjos, he will become the third person in UFC history to hold two belts in two divisions. The only other two are Randy Couture and BJ Penn, both are all-time greats. McGregor has the chance to cement himself as one of the greatest UFC fighters ever on March 5, and the scary part is, he is only 27.

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