Abel Sanchez reveals why fans will appreciate a fifth encounter between Pacquiao and Marquez

Juan Manuel Marquez tagging Mike Alvarado this past weekend in Inglewood (Photo: Naoki Fukuda)

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By Chris Robinson

With his clear unanimous decision victory over Mike Alvarado this past weekend, Mexico City’s Juan Manuel Marquez showed that his fighting spirit is still very much up to par.

With the win, the 56th of his illustrious career, Marquez also paved the way for the possibility of facing off with his rival Manny Pacquiao for a fifth time later this year.

Marquez laid Pacquiao out for the count in their fourth encounter in December of 2012 and while he has seemed disinterested in another showdown with Manny, the intrigue of a fifth world title is still there.

Catching up with veteran trainer Abel Sanchez recently, he shared his thoughts as to why another Pacquiao-Marquez melee makes sense.

“I think he that he looked good enough and Manny looked dominant enough vs. Bradley,” stated Sanchez. “Obviously both guys are not the same they were in their first couple of fights they had against each other. I think they’re comparable enough so they could give us a real good fight.”

While some fans and insiders are against a fifth fight, Sanchez feels the simple fact that Pacquiao and Marquez make for great action is reason enough for some genuine interest to be had.

“I think that we’ve had so many damn mismatches lately and very few grinding, grueling fights that I think the fans will appreciate another great fight like they’ve had in the past,” Sanchez said.

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