Brandon Rios and Robert Garcia hit Denver to officially announce Alvarado III

Brandon Rios and Robert Garcia have landed in Denver (Photo: Chris Farina – Top Rank)

Rios_Denver_arrival_141208_002a (2)

By Chris Robinson

A crucial match for former lightweight champion Brandon Rios is just around the corner, as a third encounter with all-action Mike Alvarado is slated for Jan. 24 in Broomfield, Co.

This figures to be somewhat of litmus test on where Rios’ career stands at the moment.

After splitting a pair of matches with Alvarado, he has gone 1-1, dropping a wide points loss to Manny Pacquiao in November of last year and coming back to get a disqualification victory over Diego Chaves in an ugly fight this past August.

The first two Alvarado matches were fascinating in their own right and Rios surely knows how much a big victory would do for his career to stay as relevant as can be.

Rios and his head trainer Robert Garcia hit Denver tonight in advance of tomorrow’s press conference with Alvarado to annaounce the trilogy matchup.

*** Check below to see a recent clip of Rios in Oxnard before venturing out to Denver…

Rios reacts to the wild David Lemieux vs. Gabe Rosado matchup

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