Byron Scott labels the Los Angeles Lakers ‘soft’ following blowout loss to the Clippers

Chris Paul driving vs. Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night (Photo: Instagram)

C Paul

By Chris Robinson

Given their 11-25 record this 2014-2015 NBA season, it’s not surprising to expect some frustration coming from the Los Angeles Lakers’ organization.

On Wednesday night the Lakers suffered a one-sided 114-89 loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Clippers, marking their fifth straight defeat to their hometown rival.

The Lakers were down by as many as 43 points in the game and their head coach Byron Scott wasn’t too pleased.

“We were soft,” Scott said of his team in a report from

“[I have] a lot of respect for that team over there,” Scott said of the Clippers.

” They’re a good team,” Scott added. “I don’t consider them a physical basketball team, but they came out and punched us, and we were soft, period.”

Lakers star Kobe Bryant couldn’t find any arguments with Scott’s claims.

“He said the same thing I said,” Bryant stated. “He just didn’t use a toilet paper analogy.”

Brutality honest stuff from Bryant.

And while the Lakers’ hopes at landing a playoff spot may seem dim, the Clippers are in the thick of things in the Western Conference. Their 24-12 record presently seats them at sixth place in the hotly-contested division.

It’s definitely going to be another close race out West as the season warms up. Anyone interested in wagering on any gametime action this season can pay a visit over at for some of the best comprehension information regarding wagering on teams during this 2014-2015 campaign.

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