Exclusive photos: Action continues to heat up during First Friday Exhibition Sparring at Johnny Tocco’s

Unbeaten lightweight contender Lydell Rhodes was in town to support First Friday Exhibition Sparring this past Friday at Johnny Tocco’s (Photo: Chris Robinson)


By Chris Robinson

When Luis Monda told me he  was going to start staging exhibition sparring matches inside of the famed Johnny Tocco’s Boxing Gym in Las Vegas on the first Friday of every month, I knew instantly it had the chance  to be something special.

And so far that has been just the case.

Four shows in and the action has been memorable, from the gym’s blue chip top amateur (soon to be going pro) Jeremy “J Flash” Nichols engaging in a wild one with Keith Hunter from the Mayweather Boxing Club, to fellow standouts Joseph Macedo, Daijon Carter, and others revealing their skills, plus ringside appearances from top pros Sharif Bogere and Lydell Rhodes.

Check below for some of the best images from this past Friday’s show and stay tuned for a FULL report plus highlight videos.

IMG_8515 IMG_8517 IMG_8519 IMG_8521 IMG_8522 IMG_8524 IMG_8525 IMG_8526 IMG_8528 IMG_8531 IMG_8533 IMG_8534 IMG_8536 IMG_8537 IMG_8538 IMG_8539 IMG_8540 IMG_8544 IMG_8550 IMG_8557 IMG_8562 IMG_8570 IMG_8573 IMG_8577 IMG_8597 IMG_8598 IMG_8605 IMG_8607 IMG_8609

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