Fernando Vargas: ‘Nobody beats Mayweather; too smart, too intelligent’

Floyd Mayweather (Photo: Naoki Fukuda)


By Chris Robinson

With Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao having again captured the world’s imagination after coming face to face with one another on Tuesday night in Miami, the demand for the fight continues to build.

But for as much talk as we are hearing these days, some people simply don’t get too hyped up about the fight.

Former junior middleweight world champion Fernando Vargas seems to favor Mayweather so heavily that such thoughts of a matchup with Manny aren’t too enticing.

“Nobody beats Mayweather,” Vargas stated recently to HustleBoss.com from within his Feroz Fight Factory in Las Vegas.

“Too smart, too intelligent, and I don’t think nobody beats him,” Vargas added.

Pacquaio is looked at as the biggest threat to Mayweather and there are some who feel his unorthodox, southpaw style mixed with power and activity could trouble Floyd.

But Vargas points out that Mayweather has handled southpaws well throughout his unbeaten career.

“Mayweather fought a few southpaws that he beat and he looked great with them,” Vargas stated. “The only trouble I saw was with Zab [Judah] but I think he did great.”

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