Floyd Mayweather Sr. on prospect Bryce Fraser: ‘He’s one of the young up and coming fighters that is going to be very, very good’

Young prospect Bryce Fraser in Las Vegas training with Floyd Mayweather Sr. (Photo: Chris Robinson – Hustle Boss)


By Chris Robinson

There are a pleothora of emerging prospects in the Las Vegas boxing community.

Trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. is always open to working with somebody new, but it’s very rare that a fighter can catch his eye.

Having spent some time the past few years honing the skills of 18-year old Bryce Fraser, Floyd Sr. recognizes that he has tremendous potential.

“He’s one of the young up and coming fighters that I think is going to be very, very good,” Floyd Sr. stated.

You can see just from being around Fraser that he is coming into his own and gaining more confidence.

“Bryce is coming out of the kid [stage] and he’s becoming a young man,” Floyd Sr. noted. “I can feel it in my hands.”

Fraser reminisced about his early days in the sport, giving credit to his father for helping him get acquainted with the ‘Sweet Science’.

“I love boxing [because] it’s a one on one sport,” said Fraser. “In high school I couldn’t play basketball because I was too short and I couldn’t play football because I was too small. I got into boxing because my Dad introduced me. I love the feeling of one on one competition.”

*** Please check below for a highlight VIDEO of Bryce Fraser and Floyd Mayweather Sr. on the mitts.

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