Floyd Mayweather Sr. ‘To me it makes no difference but I think the fight is going to take place’

Floyd Mayweather Sr. in Las Vegas (Photo: Chris Robinson)

Floyd SR vision

By Chris Robinson

Will the boxing world ever see Floyd Mayweather face Manny Pacquiao?

That is definitely the question you hear these days.

Mayweather’s father and outspoken trainer Floyd Sr. seems to feel the match will indeed come off.

Despite admittedly having no true interest in the fight, Mayweather Sr. feels the two men wouldn’t have engaged with one another in the fashion that they have without having real intention of facing off in the ring.

“To me it makes no difference but I think the fight is going to take place,” Mayweather Sr. stated. “Otherwise I don’t think him and Pacquiao would have took it this far, with trading numbers, you call me and I call you.

“To me, I’ll be honest, that looks like a fight to me. It’s on its way,” Mayweather Sr. added.

The boxing world, meanwhile, continues to wait.

*** Check below for the full interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr.

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