Karim Mayfield talks Mayweather vs. Berto and addresses grudge rumors with Errol Spence Jr.

Tough contender Karim Mayfield always has a lot to say (Photo: Chris Robinson)

K Mayfield

By Chris Robinson

For several weeks this summer, Karim Mayfield saw his name thrust into the headlines as a possible opponent for Floyd Mayweather.

And while he never was able to land the big shot, Mayweather elected to face Andre Berto instead, Mayfield still kept a positive attitude throughout the process.

Mayweather ended up defeating Berto via unanimous decision on Sep. 12 and Mayfield shared his thoughts on the bout.

“It was a pretty good fight,” Mayfield told Hustle Boss. “Berto did what he could do, but that’s Mayweather.”

Mayfield admits that he wishes it would have been him in the ring instead.

“Man, of course,” Mayfield confirmed. “Anytime you get an opportunity to fight a legend and obviously to be able to get a check like that; of course it’s a disappointment. But, never the less, I can’t cry about nothing that I never had.”

Mayfield did address one possible future opponent, undefeated contender Errol Spence Jr., from Dallas.

“I want to speak on something,”Mayfield explained. “Me and Errol Spence been going back and forth on Twitter. A few words here and there, right? I just want to say this. I never said the dude was scared, but I was offered the opportunity to fight him on a week’s notice and his team didn’t want to take the fight.

“I don’t know if he knew that or they even told him, but certainly I wanted to take the fight,” said Mayfield.

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