Marco Antonio Barrera feels that Floyd Mayweather will be done with boxing after Andre Berto

Former three-division champion Marco Antonio Barrera is favoring Floyd Mayweather over Andre Berto (Photo: Chris Robinson)


By Chris Robinson

At the 2015 Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame, Hustle Boss caught up with boxing legend and former three-division world champion Marco Antonio Barrera.

A champion in the 122, 126, and 130 pound weight classes during an illustrious 22-year career, Barrera is beloved by fight fans for constantly leaving everything inside of the ring during his peak fighting years.

Still heavily involved in the sweet science as a color analyst, Barrera is always willing to share his insight and gave his thoughts on the Sep. 12 Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto duel set for SHOWTIME pay per view.

“Good fight,” Barrera stated. “Floyd right now is the best of the best. He can show the other boxers [how he wants] to fight.”

Asked to elaborate on Mayweather’s style, Barrera pointed to a few key reasons.

“Because right now he is the best,” said Barrera. :He moves and [he makes it] a difficult fight. He has ability and for that, he is number one.┬áHe fights with a different style.”

Barrera admitted that it will be hard for Mayweather to walk away from actively fighting after his upcoming match but didn’t go far enough as to say that he would still fight on.

“No, no,” Barrera refuted.

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