Ricky Hatton on Amir Khan ‘I think he’s got the style to beat Floyd; he’s quicker than Floyd’

Amir Khan prior to his match vs. Devon Alexander this past weekend in Vegas (Photo: Naoki Fukuda)


By Chris Robinson

At the 52nd annual WBC Convention from the Mirage in Las Vegas on Monday afternoon, former two-division world champion and British idol Ricky Hatton could be found taking in the ceremonies.

Hatton had a great run as a champion at 140 pounds and has been turning his energy towards promoting in recent times. Wherever he goes, the 36-year old is adored and thronged by fans and always up for some good boxing talk.

Fellow UK star Amir Khan shined this past weekend with his victory over Devon Alexander in Las Vegas and Hatton was asked for his thoughts on the performance.

“He boxed very well,” Hatton said of Khan’s domination from the MGM Grand.

“Very fast, kept out out of his way,” Hatton added. “I think that’s when Amir is at his best and he doesn’t stand there and trade.”

As for Khan meeting Floyd Mayweather in a high-stakes pay per view duel, Hatton seems to like his chances.

“I think he’s got the style to beat Floyd,” stated Hatton. “He’s probably quicker than Floyd. And if he boxes like that, in and out, in and out, you never know.”

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800 by 800

Ricky Hatton likes Amir Khan’s chances vs. Floyd Mayweather

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