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Casey Morton scores a successful victory in her pro debut

Casey Morton and Bilal Mahasin (via Facebook.com)

Casey Morton PRO DEBUT

By Chris Robinson

Courtesy of our friend and fighter Bilal Mahasin, we’ve been informed that Bay Area favorite Casey Morton has scored a successful victory in his profesional debut.

“Congrats to Casey Morton on her impressive pro debut victory! It should’ve been a tko! The bloodiest fight of the night! My God!” Mahasin stated, posting of photo of himself with the former amateur standout.

We first crossed paths with Morton at the PAL tournament last year in Oxnard, through Steven Foster and his father, and she is one of the most positive people you will find in the sport.

Give Casey a follow on Instagram and check out one of her sponsors, SNAC, below

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In His Own Words: Bilal Mahasin

IMG_5221 (2)

Despite being a road trip away from us, we at www.HustleBoss.com always find a way to keep tabs with junior welterweight Bilal Mahasin (4-1, 1 KO), who is presently grinding in the Bay Area of California.

Check out the clip as Mahasin opens up and shows another side of himself while speaking with teenagers about the decisions they make in life. Mahasin has learned first hand of the implications that come from bad decisions and he has turned his life around for the better.

Mahasin returns to the ring on August 2nd in Pleasanton, Calif. Check out the clip below for more of his story.

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