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Floyd Mayweather Sr. Mailbag Vol. 3: Talking to Pacquiao, watching Broner’s sparring, Ruben Guerrero

Chris Robinson catches up with outspoken trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. in Las Vegas, Nevada for the third edition of the ‘Floyd Mayweather Mailbag’. In this video, Senior discusses his conversation with Manny Pacquiao a while back, watching Adrien Broner’s sparring at the ‘doghouse’, thoughts on Guillermo Rigondeaux, whether Floyd could excel at track and field, and more

Mayweather Sr. Mailbag Vol. 2: Relationship with his son Justin, Victor Ortiz, poetry skills, more

IMG_0248 (2)

In the second volume on the ‘Floyd Mayweather Sr. Mailbag’, the respected trainer speaks on how close he was to working with Victor Ortiz, reveals whether his poetry skills could stack up to Muhammad Ali’s, and speaks on his relationship with his other son Justin

Floyd Mayweather Sr. Mailbag Vol. 1: Floyd’s sparring w/ Spadafora, Muhammad Ali, training Roger

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In the first edition of the ‘Floyd Mayweather Sr. Mailbag’, the outspoken head trainer weighs in on a variety of topics, including Floyd’s infamous sparring session with Paul Spadafora, his love for Muhammad Ali, what it was like working with his brother Roger early in his career, and more…