Zab Judah Mingling With the Young Inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club’s ‘Doghouse’ Ahead of Sep. 10 Return

Zab Judah speaking from Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo: Chris Robinson)

Zab Judah

By Chris Robinson

Anywhere you go around the fight scene in Las Vegas, you very well may find former two-division world champion Zab “Super” Judah roaming around.

Judah is a fixture at all of the fights in the city, both events big and small, and he always seemed to have a knack for working with the next generation of fighters.

This past week, Judah was inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club during a wild day of sparring in the gym prior to Floyd Mayweather’s training ahead of his Sep. 12 pay per view showdown vs. Andre Berto.

“Everything is good,” Judah stated when speaking with Hustle Boss. “Just stopped by Floyd’s gym today to check him out. See how he’s looking.”

As for the sparring taking place in the building, Judah seemed to appreciate the usual faces as well as the new ones looking to make a mark.

“The Doghouse; I like it,” said Judah. “It gives these fighters an opportunity to prove who they are. They’re in there against some great level of competition and they’ve got to show and prove. That’s what it’s about.”

Judah is eyeing a Sep. 10 return to the ring himself in New York and insists that being around the youth of the sport is what he needs right now.

“Just staying motivated,” Judah explained. “I think that, at this age of what I’m doing, it’s to mingle with the young. Because the young guys are the future. They do have the speed, the power. So you stick around with those guys and you find out if you should be here and I’m still here.”

Check below for the full interview with Judah, including his thoughts on Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto.

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