Andre Berto to wear Rival gloves vs. Floyd Mayweather?

Andre Berto during his 6th round TKO victory over Josesito Lopez earlier this year (Photo: Naoki Fukuda)

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By Chris Robinson

As the Sep. 12 Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto matchup pushes closer, all indications point towards both men taking the contest extremely seriously ahead of their welterweight title showdown. The matchup is set for SHOWTIME pay per view inside of the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

At the 30-day weigh-in, Mayweather hit the scales at 149.8  pounds while Berto was eight pounds over at 155.

Inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club out in Las Vegas, Mayweather has been putting up in some tough work with a familiar cast of characters, bringing back several sparring partners from his past camps, such as Ashley Theophane, Steve Forbes, Lanardo Tyner, Will Clemons, Juan Heraldez, and DonYil Livingston.

As for Berto, a closer look at his Instagram Page shows just how serious he is about the match, from his diet to grueling workouts in and outside of the ring.

It also appears that Berto may be wearing Rival gloves and gear for this showdown, according to our guy Richard Anber with Rival Boxing.

Check out the video below for more.

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