Kalae McShane and the Road Back Home

Hawaii-born pro boxer Kalae McShane was injured recently while training in Thailand and his family is seeking help. Please read below for more


By Chris Robinson

Boxing is a tight-knit community and it’s always important for us to look out for one another in this sport.

That’s why, when I heard news of the story of Kalae McShane, I had to put something out there in hopes of getting the Hawaii-born fighter some assistance.

McShane is a professional boxer fighting out of the featherweight division with a 5-0 record. Born out of Hawaii, McShane has been fighting out of the WBO Asian Pacific Region. He is 5-0 with 3 knockouts, with four of his matches having taken place in Bangkok, Thailand, including his most recent contest on July 27.

McShane’s mother Dee recently reached out to Hustle Boss with some upsetting news, as it appears that 22-year old Kalae is fighting for his life inside of on an international hospital in Thailand.

McShane began suffering headaches and vomiting after a recent training session and he is now in a coma with swelling of the brain. His family is seeking any kind of assistance in hopes of getting him back to Hawaii for treatment, or anywhere else in America if possible.

Please stay tuned to Hustle Boss for more on this developing story and anyone who wants to help can click HERE

For a more-detailed account of McShane’s situaiton, including the positive signs of a hopeful recovery and more info on how you can help, please visit HERE

Chris Robinson

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