Kenny Porter: ‘Floyd would never fight a young, black African American in his prime’

Floyd Mayweather, center, with Rihanna and P Reala during the madness of the NBA Finals in Golden State earlier this month (Photo: Instagram)

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By Chris Robinson

I will never accuse Kenny Porter of holding back his thoughts.

Still basking in the aftermath of his son Shawn’s big victory over Adrien Broner this past weekend, we caught up with the outspoken coach during the BKB weigh-ins at the Mandalay Bay on Friday afternoon.

Inside of the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday, June 20, Porter handed Adrien Broner his second professional defeat by out-muscling and out-hustling him over the course of 12 rounds. Outside of a 12th round knockdown scare, Porter was in control during several key moments of the match and clearly deserved the win.

With the win behind him, Porter (26-1-1, 16 KO’s) is looking for the biggest fights possible and has made no secret that he would love a crack at pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather this coming September.


Kenny doesn’t see it as a realistic option at this point, however.

“We want Floyd,” Kenny told Hustle Boss. “Floyd doesn’t want nothing to do with us and I fully understand. Floyd would never fight a young black African American in his prime. He never has. He doesn’t have any on his fight record. He would have never stepped to ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley when ‘Sugar’ Shane was 25, 26 years old.  He would have never fought Oscar De La Hoya. Andre Berto, Paul Williams; I can name them, all down the line.

“Floyd picks who he wants to fight and he already said he doesn’t want nothing to do with Shawn,” Porter concluded.

Check below for the full Q & A with Kenny, where he speaks more in-depth on the Mayweather situation as well as the possibility of a rematch with Broner taking place.

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