‘Mouth Piece Guy’ pays a visit to Johnny Tocco’s in Las Vegas during First Friday Sparring

‘Mouth Piece Guy’ Jeff D., right, working with a new customer inside of Johnny Tocco’s (Photo: Chris Robinson)

MPG jeff

By Chris Robinson

When it comes to custom mouthpieces in the boxing game, nobody quite seems to have a handle on things like the ‘Mouthpiece Guy’ Jeff D.

At Hustle Boss we caught up with MPG inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club in February, where he was seen helping out prizefighters Ishe Smith and Badou Jack with their first custom piece. The two have since gone on to be repeat customers.

Smith and Jack are just a few on a long list of customers who have made MPG their home, joining the likes of Tim Bradley, Brandon Rios, Gennady Golovkin, Shane Mosley, Andre Ward, Marcos Maidana, and several others.

On Friday, Aug. 7, Jeff was back in Las Vegas, first inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club once again and later in the night inside of Johnny Tocco’s Boxing Gym a little bit north of the Strip.

We again chopped it up with Jeff inside of Tocco’s, and he discussed the importance of leaving his base in Southern California every once and a while for a good road trip.

“I work out of my office mostly and every now and then we set up these trips to go out of town or sometimes local.” MPG explained. “But half of the work we do is visiting gyms or amateur shows, pro shows.”

As MPG explains, he brings something to the table that is far more important than just a design.

“The two man things is comfort and protection,” Jeff explained. “When you get a custom fit mouthpiece from somebody who knows what they are doing, the goal is to make the mouthpiece so comfortable they don’t even know they’re wearing it.”

Check below for the full interview.

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