PHOTOS: In the trenches with Izaiah Dent and Alex Thiel

Alex Thiel, left, and Izaiah Dent recently put in work inside of Johnny Tocco’s (Photo: Hustle Boss)


By Chris Robinson

There has been a lot of good work going on recently inside of Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Gym out in Las Vegas.

This past week, we walked into the building as gym regular Alex Thiel was going up against fellow amateur Izaiah Dent, who was visiting from Indianapolis, In.

The action was brisk and fast paced, with each man having their moments. Thiel is a familiar face to Hustle Boss followers, and his own personal YouTube channel Ring Dreams is also worth a subscription.

It was my first time seeing Dent in the mix and the guy can definitely fight. Dent is a calculated stalker with some nice pop, while Thiel meanwhile continues to impress and improve by the day.

It was fast-paced work and with Thiel and Dent likely to be turning pro in the near future, it was a glimpse of a small piece of boxing’s future.

Check below for a closer look.



Izaiah Dent walking back to his corner









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