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Allante Williams on Khan’s performance vs. Algieri, Mayweather’s options, and Pacquiao’s excuses

Aspiring pro Allante Williams inside of City Athletic Boxing in Las Vegas (Photo: Chris Robinson)

Allante W

By Chris Robinson

Good catching up with aspiring pro Allante Williams out here in Vegas.

Remember seeing Allante training at the Mayweather Boxing Club last year, as he told me his story of trying to break through the pro ranks without any true backing.
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Gym Diaries: Newcomer Allante Williams looks to defy the odds

Allante Williams training inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club (Photo: Chris Robinson – www.HustleBoss.com)

IMG_0318 (2)

By Allante Williams

After growing up in an environment where engaging in physical combat was frowned upon, being physically abused, had confidence shattered growing up, I’m becoming more ┬ámore comfortable with the act of putting hands on a willing opponent.

Confidence is building dangerously rapidly.
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