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PHOTOS: Rashad Ganaway training for 8/20 showdown in Little Rock vs. Hylon Williams

Rashad Ganaway returns to the ring this weekend vs. Hylon Williams (Photo: Hustle Boss)


By Chris Robinson

This weekend, Rashad Ganaway will return to the ring in a very important matchup against the underrated Hylon Williams Jr.

Ganaway (17-5-1, 10 KO’s) and Williams (16-2-1, 3 KO’s) will meet inside of the Clear Channel Metroplex in Little Rock, Ar. on Saturday night, Aug. 20, with the IBF/USBA lightweight belt on the line.
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Exclusive PHOTOS: Rashad Ganaway back to work at Phase 1 Sports in Las Vegas

Rashad Ganaway is back to work in Las Vegas following his NABF title-winning victory in Dallas (Photo: Hustle Boss)


By Chris Robinson

It’s easy to get behind a guy like Rashad Ganaway and show support.

The Arkansas native first caught my attention some years back during one of his sparring sessions with former world champion Mickey Bey. After some further investigation, I found out that Ganaway had actually fought Bey in August of 2009, losing an eight-round split-decision.
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