The online world reacts to Jon Jones’ victory over Daniel Cormier at UFC 182

Jon Jones defeated Daniel Cormier last night in Las Vegas (Photo: Instagram)

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By Chris Robinson

Last night, inside of the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones successfully defended his title inside of the Octagon with a five-round unanimous decision over Daniel Cormier in a fight that was better than many expected.

While the commanding victory helps Jones’ to keep his name thrust in the MMA headlines, there has definitely been some feedback to the way Jones has acted following his 20th professional victory. There definitely was no shortage of emotions coming from Jones, 27, and Cormier, 35, prior to their match, as it was apparent that some genuine disdain was in the air.

Jones seems to still have a chip on his should following the way he acted after his victory, noting that he hoped his rival was “somewhere crying right now.”

While sportsmanship can often be a great thing to see, Jones’ actions shouldn’t be held against him, noted columnist Ben Fowlkes.

Fowlkes issued the following.

“I know a lot of people are going to get worked up over this and start throwing around platitudes about the need for humility and respect in martial arts, but come on. This is a cage fight, is it not? And part of the appeal here was how genuinely and intensely Jones and Cormier seemed to dislike each other, wasn’t it?”

Yahoo! columnist Kevin Iole seems more interested in Jones’ overall standing amongst the greats in his field as opposed to any post-fight banter, as he noted this quote below.

“Jon Jones is a generational athlete, a game-changer, a guy who years from now will be looked at among mixed martial artists in the same light as men like Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Willie Mays and Bobby Orr are held in their respective sports.”e columnist Kyle Hutchison was giving updates during the UFC 182 event. Feel free to follow Kyle on TWITTER for more updates throughout the year.

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