17-year old ‘Sugar’ Vasquez’s progression continues despite Lorenzo Trejo fallout

Damien ‘Sugar’ Vasquez, right, sparring with Sergio Lopez at the Top Rank Gym before a scheduled defense of his NABF flyweight title (Photo: Chris Robinson)


By Chris Robinson

Later tonight, inside of the Masonic Temple in Detroit, Mich., 17-year old Damien ‘Sugar’ Vasquez was scheduled to make the first defense of his NABF flyweight title vs. Lorenzo Trejo.

We swung through the Top Rank Gym late last month to check out Vasquez in training and he was definitely sharp, as he put in work with tough local fighter Sergio Lopez while his team of Ismael Salas, Miguel Diaz, and Richie Sandoval watched on.

A scheduled defense vs. Mexican veteran Lorenzo Trejo was scheduled, but the fight was unexpectedly scrapped just days before the fight was to take place.

Taking to his personal Facebook Page, Vasquez revealed that the match with Trejo has been nixed due to a rule in Michigan’s rule that prohibits individuals from under the age of 18 from fighting.

Definitely seems like this rule should be overlooked give the quality of boxing that young Vasquez has thus far produced. Just take a look at the video below and you’ll see Vasquez is far from your average 17-year old.

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