Karim Mayfield got some work with Roy Jones Jr. during his recent Vegas mini camp

Karim Mayfield and Roy Jones Jr. in Las Vegas 


By Chris Robinson

Always good running into tough junior welterweight contender Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield.

The tough junior welterweight contender is looking for a big 2015 and seemed pleased with his latest swing through Las Vegas.

“It’s been some good work,” stated Mayfield, a Bay Area native. “Been able to go to a few different gyms.”

Mayfield was also fortunate enough to get some rounds with the legendary Roy Jones Jr. inside of his new facility.

“It was a good look,” Mayfield stated of his work with Jones. “It’s a nice gym. They got two rings and  an MMA cage. And you got one of the greatest of all times in there. You can’t beat that.”

Mayfield (19-2-1, 11 KO’s) described his time in the ring with the four-division champion.

“It was a some great work,” Mayfield revealed. “He’s the greatest of all time. How could it not be great? We just moved around. He’s a lot bigger than me but we surely wasn’t pitty-patting. But I learned a lot in one session, literally. Giving me certain advice, things I can fix.”

Stay tuned for more news on Mayfield and check below for the full Q & A.

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